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Indigo announces two new destination flights from Ahmedabad.

IndiGo will operate 24 flights between Ahmedabad-Agartala (via Kolkata), Chennai-Chandigarh (via Hyderabad), Chennai-Vadodara (via Hyderabad), Kolkata-Kozhikode (via Bengaluru), Kolkata-Coimbatore (via Hyderabad), Chandigarh-Patna (via Lucknow), Chandigarh-Ranchi (via Lucknow), Chandigarh-Hyderabad (via Delhi), Coimbatore-Lucknow (via Hyderabad), Coimbatore-Udaipur (via Bengaluru), Delhi-Silchar (via Kolkata) and Hyderabad-Dibrugarh (via Kolkata).

Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer, IndiGo said, “We are pleased to add 38 new flights to strengthen our domestic network. These flights will cater to the increased demand for travel and improve accessibility between metro and tier 2/3 cities. Strengthening connectivity between eastern, western, northern, and southern regions, increased accessibility will also promote trade and commerce.  We will continue to offer new routes as per the travel demand across various sectors. It is our endeavour to consistently provide our signature on-time, courteous and hassle-free service at affordable fares, across our unparalleled 6E network”. 

These flights are designed to cater to business and leisure travellers who are constantly on the lookout for new and affordable flying options. Customers who wish to plan their travel can book tickets via our official website and also browse our website in Hindi at The introduction of these flights will further bolster the airline’s domestic connectivity.

New flight schedule:

6E Exclusive Flights:

Flight no. Frequency Origin Destination Effective Departure Arrival Via
6E 125 Mon Wed Fri Ahmedabad Agartala 01-Sep-21 06:10 10:20 CCU
6E 275 Mon Wed Fri Agartala Ahmedabad 01-Sep-21 10:50 15:20
6E 269 Daily Chennai Vadodara 01-Sep-21 09:00 13:00 HYD
6E 381 Daily Vadodara Chennai 01-Sep-21 13:55 17:55
6E 345 Daily Kolkata Kozhikode 01-Sep-21 08:35 12:55 BLR
6E 997 Daily Kozhikode Kolkata 01-Sep-21 13:35 17:50
6E 378 Daily Kolkata Coimbatore 01-Sep-21 13:25 17:35 HYD
6E 6732 Daily Coimbatore  Kolkata 01-Sep-21 18:15 22:40
6E 585 Daily Coimbatore Udaipur 01-Sep-21 07:20 11:15 BLR
6E 992 Daily Udaipur Coimbatore 01-Sep-21 11:45 15:50
6E 6573 Daily Delhi Silchar 01-Sep-21 07:20 11:40 CCU
6E 6574 Daily Silchar Delhi 01-Sep-21 12:10 16:50
6E 353 Tue Thu Sat Hyderabad Dibrugarh 01-Sep-21 06:25 10:40 CCU
6E 378 Tue Thu Sat Dibrugarh Hyderabad 01-Sep-21 11:15 15:35
6E 2388 Daily except Sun Hyderabad Chandigarh 01-Sep-21 07:10 11:25 DEL
6E 2389 Daily except Sun Chandigarh Hyderabad 01-Sep-21 11:55 16:00
6E 6142 Daily Chandigarh Chennai 01-Sep-21 06:55 11:45 HYD
6E 6183 Daily Chennai Chandigarh 01-Sep-21 15:55 20:20
6E 6008 Daily Lucknow Coimbatore 01-Sep-21 07:10 11:10 HYD
6E 876 Daily Coimbatore Lucknow 01-Sep-21 11:40 15:35
6E 6551 Mon Tue Thu Sat Chandigarh Patna 02-Sep-21 07:55 11:40 LKO
6E 6552 Mon Tue Thu Sat Patna Chandigarh 02-Sep-21 12:10 15:05
6E 6551 Wed Fri Sun Chandigarh Ranchi 01-Sep-21 07:55 11:40 LKO
6E 6552 Wed Fri Sun Ranchi Chandigarh 01-Sep-21 12:10 15:05

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